War and Conflict

The residents of Oswego County have played an important role in times of conflict on the home front as well as abroad.  These educational units highlight some of the many contributions made by the citizens of the many towns and hamlets in the county.

An Overview

Oswego Past and Present This article from Oswego’s Daily Palladium, 1902 gives a nice history of the development of Oswego. 

Colonial Wars

Col. Bradstreet and the Colonial Wars: An article written in 1944 for the Oswego County Historical Society.

American Revolution

July 11, 1776 Congress requests forts to be built by General Schuyler

St. Leger’s Expedition From Oswego Against Ft. Stanwix and The Mohawk Valley: Article presented by Edwin M. Waterbury, President of Oswego County Historical Society, Reprinted From Oswego Palladium-Times of November 20, 1945, p. 94-119

Civil War

Elmina Spencer – Civil War Nurse

Elmina Spencer – Medals

Oswego County’s 110th Regiment Reunion: Civil War Veteran’s Reunion Article

Company A, 24th Infantry 43 Years Ago Today:  List of Officers and members of Company A as it left Oswego for the Civil War

Iron Brigade: 24th Infantry from Oswego and Jefferson Counties

Three Oswego County Brothers in the Civil War:

One albumin print from the Civil War sent author Kent Scriber on a search for his family’s history.  The following book is a result of his research of three brothers from the Scriber family and the 24th, 110th, and the 184th NYSV Infantries. Special thank you to Kent Scriber for permission to include his book in our educational materials. Written 2012, updated 2013.

World War 1

Events of World War I:  A short list of events that occurred during World War I.

War Bonds and Stamps: Those who did not enter the armed forces were still encouraged to support the war effort through sacrifice and the purchase of war bonds and stamps.

Oswego County Red Cross:  The citizens of Oswego County were highly involved with the American Red Cross during World War 1.

In the Trenches:

Excerpts from letters home written by Andrew Daniel Carroll. Andrew enlisted when he was 27 years old and joined the 108th Machine Gun Company Infantry. Andrew’s brothers, Edward and Maurice also served during World War 1. (These letters were generously donated to the Oswego County Historical Society by Byron and Sandy Smith of Oswego, NY, great grand niece and nephew of Andrew Daniel Carroll.)


Remembering Oswego County’s casualties from World War 1:

  • Those We Lost: A list of World War I casualties from Oswego County.
  • Behind the Name– Using various resources to learn more about some of Oswego County’s casualties during World War 1

World War 2

Oswego County’s Victory Gardens: Victory Gardens were essential to ensuring adequate food.