Tudor Grant

While we have very little information about Tudor Grant, we can get a glimpse into his life based on what we find in various resources such as advertisements in newspapers, articles, census data, city directories, and his obituary.

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Slave to Business Owner

Tudor Grant was born a slave and came to Oswego where he became a barber. He was very active in the Anti-Slavery movement in the county.

“From Slave to Business Owner”

Research Documents

Use documents to learn more about Tudor Grant, Oswego barber.

“Using Documents”

Tudor Grant Obituary

What can you learn from someone’s obituary?

“Tudor Grant Obituary”

George Grant

Tudor Grant’s son, George Grant, became a famous dentist who also happened to invent a variation of the golf tee.

“George Grant”

Charles Smith

Charles Smith and Tudor Grant were both former slaves as well as barbers. They worked in the same building – Buckhout-Jones Building in the city of Oswego.

“Charles Smith”

Sunday Shaving

Did you know that there was once a time in our history that the only people who worked on Sundays were “essential” to the community? Do you think a barber is essential?

“Sunday Shaving”