Suffrage Movement in Oswego County

It wasn’t until 1917 that women were given the right to vote. But, that right was accomplished through years of fight, frustration, and fortitude.

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“Of special interest to the voters of New York State should be the recent remarkable gains now being reported almost daily for Women Suffrage not only in this country but also abroad.”

“She stoops to register”…Dr. Mary Walker, Belva Lockwood and others meet resistance when registering to vote.

“A healthy, intelligent woman can do two things well,” says Beatrice Forbes-Robertson Hale.

“Oswego was the first city in the State to give bond suffrage to the women holding property. The State has granted school suffrage to the women in the rural districts, by legislation.”

“For probably the first time in the history of the Republican party in Oswego county women were present at the session of the county committee last week.”

“The Allied countries at war have either granted Woman Suffrage or are seriously considering it at this moment.”