Industry in Oswego County

Industry plays a huge part in the development of any community. Here you will find information about various ways in which people made a living in Oswego County over the last few centuries.

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The Western Emigration Company

In the 1800’s, the Bullen family from Hannibal, NY created a company to help those who wanted to move west find a place to live, with proceeds going to the stockholders in Hannibal.

“The Bullen Family & The Western Emigration Co.”

Hannibal's Entrepreneur

Wadsworth Brewster was an entrepreneur in Hannibal, NY. However, his enthusiasm to build business was met with dismay.

“Wadsworth J. Brewster -Hannibal Entrepreneur – Boom & Bust”

Cumberland's Mill Sold

Flour mills were important to communities. When the Cumberland Mill was sold to Max B. Richardson, it made the news. Find out why in this article.

“Cumberland Mills Sold”

Kingsford Starch Company

Thomas Kingsford perfected the process to create starch from corn in 1842. Six years later,  he selected Oswego for his starch plant because it was “where pure water, excellent shipping facilities and water power existed”.

“Kingsford Starch Company Advertising Scheme”