Dr. Mary Walker

Dr. Mary Walker Video

Town of Oswego historian, George DeMass, talks about the life of Dr. Mary Walker.

Dress Reform

A newspaper article from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 14, 1866. Dr. Mary Walker is arrested for wearing men’s clothing.

“The Dress Question”

“A Saving Dress Reform”

“A Week in Trouserettes”

Suffrage Movement

Dr. Mary Walker interrupts suffrage meeting, from an article in The Ogdensburg Journal, July 11, 1911.

“Dr. Mary Walker Ejected”

“Suffragists Exclude Dr. Mary Walker”

“Dr. Mary Walker’s Vote”

Her Father's Diary

Dr. Mary Walker’s father, Alvah Walker entered daily reflections into his diary for years. A farmer, Alvah recorded information about crops as well as having dinner with friends. Here are some pages from his diary.

“Alvah Walker Diary Entries”

Medal of Honor

Dr. Mary Walker was a surgeon during the Civil War at a time when female surgeons were rare. She was captured by the South and held as a prisoner of war. Because of her bravery, she was awarded the Medal of Honor, the only female recipient to have earned such an honor.

Dr. Mary Walker’s Medal of Honor and Citation

Later Life

As a female surgeon in the Civil War, a Prisoner of War, Medal of Honor recipient, and a strong advocate for dress reform and woman’s rights, Dr. Mary Walker regularly met resistance to her life style. It’s been said she was 150 years ahead of her time.

Dr. Mary Walker Asks President Wilson

“Dr. Mary Walker Reflects and Tears Up”