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Did you know Oswego County is second in the nation for the most confirmed Underground Railroad locations? RESOURCES


The canal system helped moved people and product in the region.


Woman’s Suffrage was closely linked with the Abolition movement. Many notable speakers for the right of women to vote mobilized in Oswego county.


Forts in Oswego County were built for protection, warfare, trade, supply station, and a common gathering place.


The region’s rich soil was perfect for agriculture, while it’s rivers and canal access to the port of Oswego allowed mills and factories to prosper in Oswego County.

Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter

In World War II, Fort Ontario became the only refugee shelter in the United States for close to 1000 victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

Dr. Mary Walker

Dr. Mary Walker was born in Oswego Town, NY. She was an abolitionist, a dress reform activist, surgeon, very active in the suffrage movement, and the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor for her bravery in the Civil War. RESOURCES

Tudor Grant

Tudor Grant was born in the south as a slave and found freedom Oswego where he became a barber. He was very active in the Anti-Slavery movement. His son became a dentist who developed, and patented, the golf tee.

Everyday People

Our communities are made up of all types of people. From factory owners to housekeepers, farmers to ship merchants, the roles people played in our county are what made our communities prosper.


Oswego County was the site of wars during its formation. Later, the citizens of Oswego County aided the US involvement in a number of conflicts around the world.

Community Stories

Explore the rich stories of the towns and villages in Oswego County as submitted by town historians.

Journal Articles

Read articles written for the Oswego County Historical Society, dated from 1896 to 1977. Topics include architecture, the Underground Railroad, Oswego Harbor, politics, and more.


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