Make a Donation

Autumn is here and so is our Annual Giving Campaign!

Donations from individuals like you comprise over 30% of our annual income. In honor of Max Richardson’s birth year, 1838, we are setting a goal for this year’s campaign of $18,380. Can we count on you to help us reach this target?

Some fast facts about our expenditures:

  • Utilities for this 13,000 square foot building are approximately $6,000 a year.
  • Security—including the required phone lines—and Fire Monitoring total close to $7,000.
  • Over 40% of our expenses go towards maintenance, restoration, and repair of the House.
  • Overall, our annual expenses average approximately $60,000.

These are the costs that keep the Richardson-Bates House Museum alive. However, much of the work is done “backstage”—processing a backlog of donations, after the completion of our new Collections Management Policy; replacement of electrical wiring that dated as far back as 1920; and much needed management of plumbing/heating systems.

Thanks to your financial support last year, some much needed grants, and the work done by our wonderful volunteers, we have been able to complete the following “backstage” projects:

  • replace the door and decking of our handicap ramp
  • repair many windows whose frames had deteriorated
  • reinforce a brick structural wall in the basement
  • replace our electrical service box

As our donors, you know that you are not only helping maintain the Richardson-Bates House Museum, but also preserving thousands of rare documents and photos that are part of the collections housed here. If only 180 people donate $100, we can meet our goal of $18,380.

Thank you so much for your continued generosity!