People of Oswego County

From farmers to doctors, merchants to sailors, everyone had a part in the development of Oswego County.

To learn more about the lives of some residents from Oswego County, click on the links to the right. 


Moses A. DuMass was a soldier during the Civil War who experienced a life-threatening wound.

“Moses A. DuMass”

Oswego's Carrie Deitz

Carrie Deitz lived in Oswego and worked as a domestic servant. Explore her conversation with Judith Wellman.

“The Life of Carrie Deitz”

Hannibal's Gertrude Tallman

Gertrude Tallman grew up on the family farm. Learn more about her family and her chores from the late 1800’s to 1905.

“Gertrude Tallman’s Diary”

“Gertrude Tallman and Making Butter”

“Gertrude Tallman and Life on the Farm”

Oswego's James G. Tyler

James G. Tyler was born in Oswego. As a teen, he moved to New York City to study painting. He became one of the most famous maritime painters of his time.

“James G. Tyler”

City of Oswego's Maxwell B. Richardson

Maxwell B. Richardson was one of the most community minded members of the city of Oswego. Read his obituary to learn more about him.

“Max B. Richardson”


Francis Squires from New Haven and Volney

Mr. Squires came to New Haven as a teenager and kept a diary for about 50 years. He lived in New Haven and Volney and was a Justice of the Peace and post master in both towns.  The original diary is at Cornell, but Volney has a microfilm version. The diary contains information on weddings, funerals, and even mentioned that the North Volney Church had been moved. (Note: until the discovery of the diary, historians in Volney wondered why the North Volney Church was in the wrong place on the maps!) The links below contain excerpts from Francis Squires Diary 1840-1897 along with an index for the diary.

“Francis Squires Diary – Index – Genealogy Focus”

Francis Squires Diary – Excerpts – Genealogy Focus”